Student using the Hololens in a deer stand in the Digital Fabrication Lab for the Spatial Futures Studio

Future Student Resources

Future Student Resources

This is all the information you need to make your decision about studying architecture at Georgia Tech. The information featured here is collected from Georgia Tech admissions and our advisors based on questions they've received from prospective students.


What is design studio?
The Design Studio is the backbone of the curriculum. It’s intense and fun! Your studio professors will challenge you and help you develop your skills in design thinking.

Do I need to know how to draw?
The first-year design studio curriculum will help you develop skills in all kinds of media from sketching on trace to constructing your designs in the computer. You will be amazed at how much you will learn in one year!

Will I have time to do other things outside of studio?
Yes! Our students are active in a range of activities. From student-run organizations to hanging out in Midtown or catching a football or basketball game, our students are involved in many things.

Can I participate in a study abroad program?
Yes! The School of Architecture offers a robust selection of study abroad options for our students. All students are encouraged to participate in an International experience in the Spring of their Junior year.


Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in architecture to apply to the Master’s program? 
Absolutely not! We offer a 3.5-year Master of Architecture program where our students come from diverse backgrounds of all majors. 

I was a history major so I don’t have any architectural design work for my portfolio. What should I include?
As an applicant to the 3.5-year Master of Architecture program, we don’t expect you to have previous architectural design experience. Show us your creative side in sketches, photography, painting, metalwork, etc.

What if I hold a pre-professional degree in architecture? 
Apply for consideration for the 2-year Master of Architecture program. 

Can I come see a studio design review?
Yes! You are welcome to come to our graduate-level Options I studio reviews. Contact Nitra Wisdom to confirm your attendance on one of the two review sessions. 


How does funding work for Ph.D. candidates?
Students are considered for funding upon admission. After the first year of matriculation, students are eligible for financial awards in the form of scholarships, GTA and GRA positions. You can find more information on financial aid and scholarships at the Georgia Tech Financial Aid website:

Do Ph.D. candidates have the opportunity to teach?
Yes. Many of our Ph.D. candidates teach a range of classes in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Teaching opportunities are usually offered after a candidate has been in the Doctoral program for a few years.

Are there required courses?
Yes. Ph.D. candidates must complete the Ph.D. seminar. Additional coursework will be recommended by the student's thesis advisory committee in both a major and a minor field of study.

What are the research areas?
Our Ph.D. research areas are Design Computation; Building Technology & Performance; Architecture, History & Society; and Architecture, Culture & Behavior. 


How do I apply?
Go to the Undergraduate Admissions page for Transfer students to get started.

Do I need to start in ARCH1016 to begin my design studies?
First-time freshmen must enroll in ARCH1016 to begin their design studies. Students with previous college-level coursework may request a portfolio/transcript review to determine whether advanced studio placement is appropriate. For design studio work or other architecture-related coursework, you should provide course descriptions, syllabi and a portfolio to the Academic Aadvisors ( OR for review by the Director of the Undergraduate Program.  You will be notified of studio placement in advance of the registration period for the term you will move to Georgia Tech.

If I place into a higher-level studio, do I still need to earn a minimum number of credits to graduate?
Yes. Additionally, the School of Architecture may require specific courses to replace any lower level studios not taken at Georgia Tech.


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