Portfolio Guidelines for Graduate Applications

Please read information carefully. If you have questions, please contact the School of Architecture Office. 

A PDF of your portfolio OR a link to your portfolio online is REQUIRED of all applicants for the Master of Architecture degree.  Without a portfolio, your application is considered incomplete and will not be processed. Please test all links to make certain they are viewable. Broken links could result in our not being able to review your application.

You must upload a portfolio at the time of application.

Any portfolio submitted to the School of Architecture becomes the property of the program. If any exhibit within the portfolio is not solely the work of the applicant, it must be clearly labeled indicating the applicant’s specific contribution.

General Portfolio Guidelines

  • If you are uploading as a PDF within the application, please make it a single file format (2MB max file size). If you prefer, instead, you may provide us a link to a site containing your portfolio rather than uploading a PDF.  File size maximum only applies to PDF’s uploaded within your application. No file size limit for online portfolios. Hard copies and print materials are not required and will not be reviewed.
  • As you work out the aspect ratio, color space, and resolution of your images, please bear in mind that your materials will be reviewed on a monitor or a screen.
  • When selecting and organizing images of your work, please note that the admissions committee reviewing it will be looking for indications of how you learn and how you think.

Portfolio Suggestions for Applicants to the 2-Year Program

  • In order to give the committee a sense of the trajectory of your previous design studio experience, please include images from at least four academic studio projects [clearly labeled], with one of them fully documented.
  • Include as wide a range of media [drawings and models] as possible.

Portfolio Suggestions for Applicants to the 3.5-Year Program

Since creative work can take many forms, and previous academic design experience is not assumed or expected for this degree program, please include materials in a range of media that show your approach to creativity and learning; images specifically related to design are not required.

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