Preparing Your Application | Graduate Studies

Admission to graduate study in the School of Architecture is competitive and based upon merit as evidenced in the applicant’s previous academic performance, test scores, portfolio, and other supporting documentation. 

The School of Architecture Graduate programs admit to the fall semester only. Applications are submitted via the Graduate Admissions website.

Application Deadlines:
December 31st for all M. Arch, M.S. Arch and Ph.D. students
January 15th for all MSUD students

Late submissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact an advisor in the School of Architecture to request a late submission exception.

All applicants are evaluated for funding at the time of their admission review. This includes U.S. and International students. No additional application is needed. Multi-semester and fully-funded offers are limited. Students identified to receive funding will be directly notified by the School. For more information on paying for graduate school, please visit the Office of Financial Aid. 


The following materials are required:

  1. Application
  2. Application Fee
  3. Email contact information for three (3) recommenders. Your recommenders will receive an automated email asking that they complete an online letter of recommendation for you.
  4. Unofficial transcripts from each previous institute since high school, uploaded with your application. If admitted, you will be required to provide official copies.
    • The minimum GPA for admission is 2.7; a 3.0 GPA is preferred
  5. Official TOEFL or IELTS scores, if applicable. You may upload your score report with your application; however, your official electronic scores must be sent directly from ETS.
  6. The GRE is required for M.S. Arch and Ph.D. admissions only (Institutional code: R52480, Department Code: 4401).
  7. A portfolio, either in PDF format, or a link to an online copy, is required for admission to both M. Arch programs and the MSUD program.
  8. A scholarly writing sample is required for M.S. Arch and Ph.D. applicants. MSUD applicants may submit a writing sample in addition to a portfolio.
    • Your writing sample should be previously written scholarly research related to your intended academic concentration. It does not need to be a dissertation, or a published, or peer-reviewed paper.

You are required to upload supporting documents with your application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If you are a US Citizen or Permanent Resident and you wish to claim Georgia Residence for tuition purposes, you must complete the Application for Georgia Residence Status form (included with the on-line application). Please also be prepared to upload a copy of your passport and driver's license if you are a US citizen and your Permanent Resident card if applicable.

Test and Scores

The GRE is not required for those applying to the Master of Architecture or Master of Science in Urban Design programs. GRE scores submitted in application to these programs will be evaluated. The GRE is required for admission to the Master of Science in Architecture and the Ph.D. in Architecture programs.

The School of Architecture requires a minimum TOEFL score of 100 or a minimum IELTS score of 7.5. These requirements exceed that of the Institute. International students must meet the School of Architecture minimum to be considered for admission to graduate studies in architecture. Please visit the Georgia Tech Graduate Studies website for information on English Language Proficiency requirements.

Application Process, Placement and Decision Notification

All applicants to the Master of Architecture Professional Program are evaluated by 2 separate admissions committees made up of architecture faculty.  Those with an undergraduate degree in architecture from a NAAB accredited university are evaluated separately from those who do not have a full undergraduate degree in architecture, but have a verifiable Bachelors degree in another discipline.  All applicants are notified of the admissions decision as soon as the committees have completed their evaluation.  Applicants will be able to view their admissions decision in their application portal as soon as they are posted.

For applicants with Bachelors degrees from NAAB accredited universities, a full evaluation of the courses indicated on the bachelors transcript will be completed by the Admissions Coordinator in consultation with architecture faculty.  In order to verify if advanced placement is appropriate, the Admissions Coordinator will contact each applicant requesting syllabi and work samples (where applicable) in order to verify that the content of previous courses meet the requirements set forth by NAAB. 

For those applicants with degrees other than in architecture, a transcript evaluation will be done to determine whether they have any coursework that may be appropriate for consideration for advanced placement.  This is only in the case of those with degrees outside of architecture who may be from a university where a NAAB accredited architecture program exists.  In some closely related disciplines in those schools, applicants to the 3.5 year M.Arch program may have taken courses included in the accredited degree program.  If there is evidence of this in the transcript provided with the application, the Graduate Admissions Coordinator will contact the admitted applicants for more information, syllabi and possibly work samples to verify placement.

As soon as all placement is determined, each applicant will be provided with a comprehensive program plan reflecting any placement granted and indicating the exact course requirements for each admitted applicant to receive the Master of Architecture Professional Degree at Georgia Tech.  This will be in advance of the registration period for all new incoming graduate students. 


Notification of admissions decisions are generally out by early March. If the admissions committee considers your application competitive, and you were not offered admission during the initial review process, your name may be placed on a wait list for consideration in the event that space becomes available. You will be notified by letter if you have been placed on a waiting list.

Master of Science applicants are not considered until later in the review process, so we cannot give a specific notification deadline. Admissions decisions are influenced by available space and faculty in the specific area of concentration requested by the applicant.

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