MSUD students present their ULI Hines Competition projects

Master of Science in Urban Design

Master of Science in Urban Design

The world is at our doorstep, and the big challenges in the age of sustainable development transcend geographical, political, and disciplinary boundaries. World population is urbanizing with unprecedented speed, and urban designers are in high demand to help anticipate the consequences of growth, to envision strategic futures, and to design great places.

Ellen Dunham-Jones interviews urbanists as part of the Redesigning Cities series.

Redesigning Cities: The Speedwell Talks @ Georgia Tech

This series invites leading urbanists to discuss 21st Century urban challenges.

REDESIGNING CITIES: The Speedwell Foundation Talks @ Georgia Institute of Technology is a series of presentations + conversations between leading urbanists that address 21st Century urban challenges: social capital, equity, climate change, outdated infrastructure, disruptive technologies, and money. The series is hosted by Ellen Dunham-Jones, professor and director of the Master of Science in Urban Design degree in the Georgia Tech School of Architecture.

Your Opportunities

The MSUD Program offers an intensive and richly interdisciplinary experience with required courses in urban design, architecture, and city planning, and additional opportunities in civil and environmental engineering, real estate development, heritage preservation and other fields. Students in the MSUD program are in daily contact with architecture and planning students and faculty throughout the College of Design.Summer travel study programs in Europe and Asia provide enhanced opportunities in the dynamic realm of global urbanization by providing direct experience with the social and environmental challenges driving sustainable urban development.

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